I have been painting and collecting figures for many years. I do not aim to deliver display case quality but rather well painted miniatures that look good on the gaming table at a reasonable cost (being well aware of how scarce money is these days).

I have become very disappointed over the years with what people describe as “professionally painted” figures on ebay andI would be embarrassed to show such figures. This is is not to disparage those who do produce quality work.. Hat Industry have shown my work on their twitter feed so hopefully it is not too bad. 

I generally use Vallejo paints and each figure is undercoated  before painting,  shaded and highlights added before varnishing. I use Army Painter anti-shine to protect the figures as I prefer the natural look. . I base my figures and all bases are flocked. All the figures shown on this site have been painted by me.

There are many very good websites and retailers but http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/ is an invaluable source of information about 1/72 scale plastic soldiers.For research puropses Osprey's Men at Arms series provides plenty of information and illustrations:  https://ospreypublishing.com/ . The majority of figures on this site are plastic.