Russia had always seen itself as primarily a land-based empire, so at the outbreak of war in 1941 the size of the Navy and Air Force was very small compared to the vast Red Army, and both were considered mainly as support services for the latter. The Red Navy soon found many ships bottled up in port by the Germans, and for most of the war it confined itself to coastal duties such as convoy protection and support for land operations. This left a still sizeable pool of sailors with at least a basic infantry training and relatively little to do, and with the huge losses suffered by the Red Army it was no surprise that many sailors found themselves serving as land infantry. Although some served in the defence of Moscow they usually operated close to their main bases – at Leningrad (where they distinguished themselves during the siege) and particularly in the Crimea, where several amphibious assaults were undertaken. Known as the "Black Death" they quickly earned a reptation amongst the Germans.  

Scale 1/32 Pegasus Figures.