Scottish infantry

In an age when uniforms were fast becoming drab and utilitarian, the Highland soldier with his traditional kilt stood out from the crowd. True it now had to be covered in dull material, but it still marked him out as part of a particular region, even if in reality he could easily be a lowlander, English or something else. It was an obvious form of regimental identity, and the soldiers prized it as a result, even if it was not always the most practical garment for 20th century warfare. HaT have cleverly called this long-overdue set ‘Highlanders’ because that does not only refer to the five Highland regiments that were part of the British Army in 1914. Both the Canadian and South African armies had Highland regiments, and at this scale the differences in appearance are undetectable, so this set covers them all. All the men wear the 1908-pattern webbing,

Scale 1/72 Hat Industry